Guess whats growing in the garden?

This week is a challenge to see if you can help me! As I go round the garden two years on from moving here there are still many shrubs I can’t identify. While some of the plants have labels on them many do not, or they are worn away and unreadable. Gardening to me is a journey all about improving my knowledge  and I would love to know what these shrubs are so that I can care for them properly.

Below are some numbered photographs of shrubs in the garden. If you see one you know I would love to hear back from you!








IMG_3819 IMG_3818






7. Maybe forsythia?


8. Is this euonymus?





10. I think that this might be a pittosporum?




Also this week I have been planting more seeds, pricking out young seedlings and giving many of the plants in the garden a spring haircut. I have been pruning the hypercium and dogwood and giving the sambucus Nigra ‘gerda’ a drastic prune as it had grown far too large and was a good 10ft tall.

My conservatory is filling up so I have been putting out my overwintered annuals in the day to acclimatise to the outside conditions and next week I am going to plant them out. This will hopefully free up some much needed space in the conservatory for all the ongoing seeds I am sowing! This week I also planted my first convallaria majalis lily of the valley pips and more tulips and daffodils are starting to emerge. I feel like we are just on the brink of spring and with a little more sunshine it won’t be long until we have the first flowers!

The conservatory this week: full of seeds on the heated propagator bed, larger seedlings, overwintered annuals and a nice new pane of glass in the door!

IMG_3844          IMG_3845IMG_3848


4 thoughts on “Guess whats growing in the garden?

  1. I agree with delta gardener on 3, 7, and 9. Good news – no. 10 IS Pittosporum! The florists dream plant! No. 2 is Garrya elliptica, with its wonderful catkins. I think no. 6 is also Euonymus, along with no. 8 and no. 11 is Ivy. Unsure about no. 1. If the leaves are small, it may be Lonicera nitida, otherwise maybe variegated privet. Nos. 4 & 5? Familiar, but I can’t be certain! I may need to get back to you!


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