Hello I’m Catherine from Cloudberry Flowers and I sell beautiful homegrown seasonal flowers from my garden in the Scottish Borders. Whether you are a florist looking for British seasonal flowers to use in your arrangements, a bride looking for flowers for a wedding or a local customer looking for a bouquet I can provide you with high quality fresh seasonal flowers throughout the growing season. I also make biodegradable confetti and pressed flower cards from the flowers I grow in my garden which is available to buy all year round.

2015 was the start of a new adventure for me growing and selling my homegrown flowers. During this time I started a blog to write all about how I got on in the cutting patch. I still keep my blog up to date, posting as often as I can throughout the year to let you know of my highs and lows in the garden.

My journey began in January 2014. It was exactly a year after we had moved into our forever home, a lovely old house with an acre of land.  It was a winter evening, my husband was working and I had got my 3 little girls into bed and switched on the television downstairs. I was flicking through channels when I noticed The Great British Garden Revival was on and I sat unexpectedly glued as I watched Rachel De Thame talking about British flowers. It was like a light bulb moment. I sat on the sofa and I just knew that growing cut flowers was what I really wanted to do and why had I never thought about it before!

I have always loved flowers. I loved seeing them in the garden as a child and growing in the wild on summer holidays on Scottish Islands. I also loved receiving or giving them as presents. I remember after my first daughter was born how special a gift of a bunch of flowers was. However at times I found flowers from the supermarket or florist disappointing, with little scent and never lasting as long as I had hoped. They just were not the same as those flowers blowing in the breeze on the windswept islands of my childhood. Growing my own flowers was a way of bringing back happy memories and passing that on to other people who could come and buy my flowers.

I was lucky to have grown up with large gardens to play in. Climbing trees, hide and seek and growing my own vegetables and flowers in my own wee patch was a big part of my childhood. Gardening and having an appreciation for nature and the great outdoors is just a part of me. Realising I could turn this into a business of my own where I could encourage other people to love flowers grown right on their doorstep was a bit of a revelation! With the seed of an idea sown I now was determined to make it work!

In late winter 2014 I set out with a lot of enthusiasm for my new venture and started digging up the field at the top of our garden. After a lot of hard work I soon had some flower beds and started some seeds growing. I went into it completely blind with no real practical experience other than helping my parents and my wee bit of growing as a child. My initial enthusiasm was quickly shattered when I encountered the Scottish weather, slugs and my friendly garden rabbits! I quickly discovered my beds of seedlings could disappear overnight. Rabbits were no longer the cute little animals we happened to inherit in our new garden. It was such a steep learning curve with many a tear shed over another eaten row of flowers. Eventually though the plants that were left got bigger and the rabbits ate less. I began to think maybe just maybe my idea hadn’t been quite so crazy after all!

I came back from a holiday in July to find my field was now full of flowers. What a feeling of relief and excitement it was after all that hard work and self doubt in the first few months. Thanks to some lovely friends and their encouragement I started to teach myself to make jam jar posies and bunches of flowers to sell. I put a few out at the gate to see if anyone was interested and to my surprise passers by were. By this time it was the end of the season but the seed of my new business idea had began to grow.

This year will be my fourth growing season and I am always at my happiest out in the garden growing my flowers. There is something so special about growing a beautiful flower from a tiny seed and then giving it to someone else to enjoy. Every day is different and I am learning something new all the time. I am filled with enthusiasm for this coming years adventure in flower growing. There is still so much to learn, new varieties to grow and customers new and old to meet again. I was told once you start growing flowers its addictive and now I know what they mean! British Flowers are seasonal, beautiful, scented, fresh and haven’t travelled thousands of miles to reach your kitchen table. I am proud to be a part of promoting British flowers and I hope you enjoy reading my blog and finding out more about my flower adventures.

Catherine x

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13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Catherine! Had to come for a peek! I see you’re a fellow Scot, though I now live South of the border. It looks like you should have plenty space for scented shrubs, though I can see that your flowers might take precedence. A fascinating venture – I hope it goes well. You should look out for Welly Woman’s blog, if you haven’t already come across her. She is passionate about British and homegrown cut flowers, and has written a book on the subject. Nice to meet you. Ali. 🙂


    1. Hello Ali
      Thanks for following! I’m excited about putting scented shrubs in my borders but a bit frustrated about the Scottish weather! More snow in the last few days and I don’t want to order anything too early while it’s this cold. I will have to be patient!! Thanks for the tip about the wellywoman blog. I just got her book The Cut Flower Patch for Christmas and love it-so much useful information! Looking forward to reading more of your posts and Louise Curleys, best wishes Catherine

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  2. Nice to find another Scottish garden blog. Have fun with flowers. My passion is vegetables but the flowers are an added bonus. Lots of daffodils just bursting into bloom here in Edinburgh. There were no bulbs in this garden when I moved here 5 years ago – I just don’t understand that when they are so easy and lovely.


    1. Hello Jackie, nice to meet you and thanks for following! Learning lots and enjoying the garden and all the flowers I am starting to put in. We do grow some veg with varying success too! Last year we got a good crop of potatoes, broccoli and leeks. Maybe you will know the trick behind straight carrots instead of wonky ones though! Catherine


  3. Hello, I was not able to find a contact e-mail for you – would you be interested in a guest blogging opportunity? Please e-mail me if you are interested or want more information. Thank you.


  4. Hi Catherine, wow you have achieved a lot in your first year, its taken me about 5 years to get to where you are now. I love the stand you have for your roadside flowers much better than by old rustic box, you have given me ideas on how to improve the roadside stall. I also love the jam jar idea they look so attractive, well done. Good luck with your next year. Anna


    1. Hello Anna. Thank you so much for reading my blog. The garden gate stall has been brilliant. It was made from our daughters wardrobes when we changed their bedroom! Unfortunately it needs a bit of repair work before spring but hopefully it will last another season! I am looking forward to following your blog in the coming months too. Happy new year and here’s to a flowery 2016!


  5. Catherine, What a lovely blog you have! I’ve so enjoyed the photos of your garden and all the beautiful flower arrangements. You are a very talented (and hard working) young lady. Thank you for the follow, and I look forward to visiting here often. A blessed and prosperous 2016 to you and your family.


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