Seasons at Cloudberry Flowers


The flower patch starts to come to life in March with the first hellebores and daffodils flowering. This then leads on to early tulips, hyacinths, muscari, narcissi and then late spring alliums, late tulips and bluebells.

This is a very busy time in the flower patch. Some of my jobs include sowing seeds, pricking out seedlings, transplanting seedlings, hardening them off, creating beds, planting up and dividing dahlias, dividing and transplanting perennials, covering and uncovering the plants depending on the weather!


The hardy annuals start to flower first such as cornflowers, cerinthe, corncockle, sweet peas, nigella and ammi majus. I can plant out my tender plants such as cosmos, chrysanthemums and dahlias now.

Summer is a time for weeding, watering, feeding, staking, tying in flowers and deheading to prolong the flowering time of a plant. I also have to order my bulbs for the following year so if you were getting married the following spring the best time to get in touch is at least the summer before.


The dahlias, asters, cosmos, scabious, helichrysum and chrysanthemum are fully in bloom now, with some perennials like astrantia having a second flush of flowers. The autumn is very unpredictable. In some years I will still have flowers well into November, in other years there will be early frosts and the flowers will end in October.

Autumn is a time for putting the garden to bed after the first frosts. The hardy annuals are sown inside and outside at the beginning of autumn to overwinter. Bulbs are planted. Frost tender plants are lifted such as dahlias, pelargoniums and chrysanthemums. The spent flowers have to be removed from the beds and the stakes taken out. The beds are mulched and new ones created. The perennials are cut back and I do divide some and transplant them. Finally the tulips are planted.


Christmas wreaths and arrangements are made and during December this keeps me so busy that the garden is largely left to its own devices. January is when the first seeds are sown and then this continues all the way through to May. The beds need looked at now and weeded, mulched, edged and generally tidied up so that when the first seedlings get planted out in March the beds are ready. I have to order more seeds now and all the equipment I need for weddings and bouquets ready for the first flowers in March.