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Are you looking for flowers that are natural, informal and have that just picked from the garden look for your big day?

Cloudberry Flowers can provide you with beautiful seasonal locally grown flowers for your wedding from April to September. Every week new flowers come into bloom in the garden so you know your flowers will be unique.

If you are interested in finding out more I would love to hear from you. A wedding guide with ideas of what I can provide and pricing is available and I am also very happy to meet over a cup of tea here at the cutting garden to discuss your wedding plans.

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Bridal bouquets

Bridal bouquets look beautiful when they have a natural, just picked from the garden quality about them. They are as fresh as your flowers could be and often wonderfully scented.

I will always remember the first time I saw my bridal bouquet. They are some of the most special flowers you will have and I work as hard as I can to make sure it is the bouquet you have dreamed off, fresh, natural, scented and with that just picked from the garden feel. They will be full of flowers grown here in my Scottish garden that when you see them growing in the future will hopefully always remind you of your wedding day.

Bridesmaids bouquets

Bridesmaids bouquets are full of beautiful seasonal flowers. These are slightly smaller than a bridal bouquet and will have a simpler mix of flowers leaving a few special flowers just for the bride.

Bottom row centre: photograph credit Natalie Martin Story of Love Wedding Photography

Flower girl posies and confetti

Flower girl posies are colourful, fresh, scented and small enough for small hands to hold them. I can also make very small toddler bouquets which they will find easier to carry. Or why not use some Cloudberry Flowers real petal confetti to fill a basket for them.


Buttonholes are made from flowers and seedpods grown in the garden. I use the more robust flowers in the garden that have been tried and tested to make sure they will last well out of water for the day. They are wrapped in twine for a more rustic, natural look. I like to make them on the morning of the wedding so they are as fresh as can be but if you require them the day before they can be made and kept in a little water overnight to keep them fresh.

The grooms buttonhole can be made that little bit different to the rest of the bridal party for a special touch. This buttonhole had the addition of pink gypsophila and a nigella flower to tie in with the brides colour scheme.


Buttonholes made with blue cornflowers work really well and can stand out beautifully against the greens, blues and greys in a kilt.

These buttonholes were for a late summer wedding where the red berries just coming out in the garden add a different touch and worked well with the brides pink and red colour scheme.

Table centre pieces

Table centre pieces are an important part of a wedding as everyone spends a long time having their meal and enjoying the speeches. Jam jar posies make lovely decorations as they are low enough not to get in the way of anyone talking or seeing each other across the table. I can provide jars decorated and filled with beautiful homegrown flowers. Or sometimes a couple have some special vases of their own which I can fill with flowers. The photographs below show flowers for a wedding using a mixture of jars I provided wrapped in twine and the brides own collection of special vases.

Ladies corsages

I can provide ladies corsages, which are similar to a mens buttonhole but with a few more flowers and if in bloom at the time a rose looks lovely.

Hair Flowers

This flower crown looked beautiful on my brides head for her special day. It lasted really well with the wedding location at the top of a Scottish local hill. It was windy and rainy at times during the service but my bride was still wearing her crown right through the dancing at night. Flower crowns are delicate and I only like to make them at the last minute on the day of a wedding so that they stand the best chance of looking beautiful all day. I can also wire individual hair flowers for you wear.


Top right picture: Photograph credit Natalie Martin Story of Love Wedding Photography

DIY flowers

Sometimes couples like to do the wedding flowers themselves and I can provide buckets of DIY flowers for you to arrange yourself. I cut these the night before you collect them and condition them for you so they are all ready to be used. Some couples do all the flowers themselves and some like me to do the bridal party flowers and they arrange the table centres. I can be flexible with whatever flower requirements you may have.


Natural Petal Confetti is beautiful, romantic, biodegradable, eco friendly and fun to have at your wedding. I make my own mix of confetti using flowers I have grown, handpicked and naturally dried. It comes in one litre bags which is about 10+ handfuls and also in individual boxes with 1-2 handfuls, enough to throw over the bride and groom. You can use confetti to decorate the aisle, your tables or put it in baskets for your flower girl to hold.